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eMotion 1.4-Released 7/6/03

What is eMotion?

eMotion is a Java program that runs on the Sharp Zaurus SL-5X00 PDA, which determines the music to play based on a user's mood. eMotion also allows the remote control of winamp running on a windows machine from the Zaurus PDA. The client side of eMotion runs on the Sharp Zaurus SL-5X00 and the server side runs on a computer running windows OS.

The client side of eMotion can run on a Linux or Windows machine!!

The user can either choose to play specific music file(s) or have eMotion determine the music to play based on the user's mood. The user may choose from 12 predefined moods or create a mood of their own.

How it works?

The user can choose a predefined mood such as happy, sad, angry, or can create a mood. After doing so, the user must choose a genre or music folder (depending on how they organized their music on the shared folder) to play. After selecting the same mood with the same genre a certain amount of times, eMotion will automatically play that genre when the user selects that mood. The user may also change the genre that is playing and eMotion will update the change.

Example: Everytime I am happy I choose to play classical music. After a certain amount of times of choosing this configuration, eMotion will automatically play classical music the next time I select happy.  


Zaurus SL-5X00 (Tested on Zaurus SL-5500) or Computer running an OS that supports Java
Computer runnning Windows OS
Network Link between Zaurus or Computer and Windows Machine

(For the Zaurus a wireless connection would be nice =)

Java Virtual Machine for both client and server Download: (Sun's Website)
Winamp v2 NOT v3 Download: (Winamp's Website)

Important: If the ROM on your Zaurus is version 3.1 or higher you must install JEODE package.


If you have any questions or comments please email me: evilfoxe@hotmail.com


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